Apollo Solar Welding Nominated by
4th Annual Concentrated Solar Power Summit,  
San Francisco, June 2010
"Best Applied Research and Development" for
Concentrated Solar Power

Apollo Solar Welding, Inc. CSP Solar Trough HCE Joining System
Production / Shop Triple-Joining
In-Trough Field Welding

Apollo Solar Welding's innovative, proprietary system includes methods, hardware and tooling for joining CSP Solar Trough Heat Collection Elements (HCE) or Receiver Tubes in the shop and in the field. Apollo's technology is specifically designed for joining Schott and Archimede HCEs with aerospace weld quality and full AWS and ASME code compliance.

Shop Fabrication: The Apollo Triple Joining System (TJS) automatically circumferentially welds square-butted single HCE receiver tubes end to end into a three-tube assembly. The Apollo TJS is an automated stationary welding system that enables one trained technician to double the production throughput of welded assemblies and safely produce high quality results consistent one weld to the next.

In-Trough Welding: The pre-assembled triple-joined HCEs are then joined in the field end to end, to make a complete welded loop assembly running the length of the trough. A portable remote in-place welding tool (IPWT), which attaches to the positioned HCE joints, automatically circumferentially welds the square-butted pre-fab assemblies end to end in the trough, providing the same safety, quality, productivity as the Apollo TJS.

The Apollo system solves multiple problems associated with HCE welding techniques and methodology, and specifically addresses future issues as CSP projects scale up to the mega level:

To date, 50-75 MW are the largest CSP plants built, using only a small circle of experienced contractors and manual welders. Welding issues at the mega level are yet to be experienced by constructors; however, as projects scale up, the problems only increase.

The volume of welding and the demand for qualified welders will increase exponentially, while the pool of skilled talent will decrease. Increased errors, fatigue, loss, and poor quality will have a dramatic negative effect on cost and productivity. With Apollo's advanced welding technology, as scale increases so do the benefits.

In summary:

· Apollo changes the way HCEs are joined in shop and in trough.
· Apollo's technology has been successfully applied in R&D and new construction.
· No other supplier has automated in the shop or field the joining of HCEs.
· Cost savings are scalable, immediate, and long term due to reduced labor cost and reduced waste, reduced dependence on temperamental talent, increased safety, quality, productivity and construction longevity.
· It's a win-win-win for developer/utility, EP&C and labor.


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